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APRIL 29, 2019 (Monday)

TEE-TIME: Palmer Course – 8:00 AM Shotgun Start

TEE-TIME: Nicklaus Course – 8:30 AM Shotgun Start


Php 4,000 – PRE-REGISTRATION (on or before April 15, 2019)

Php 5,000 – WALK-IN Registration (April 29)

Php 2,500 – for Students up to the college level with valid, current I.D.



Open to all Alumni and Students (of Jesuit & Christian Brothers schools) qualified by and conditional to:

1.1 Having graduated or completed at least TWO (2) years.
1.2 Limited only to amateur golfers at the time of the tournament.

All questions arising from eligibility issues shall be referred to an Arbitration Committee whose decision is deemed final.


Play shall be governed by the following:

2.1 The Rules of Golf as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews;
2.2 The local rules of Forest Hills Golf & Country Club as printed in the scorecards.
2.3 The tournament rules as specified in this Conditions of Play, and;
2.4 Any official announcement prior to the start of the tournament posted at the Official Bulletin Board located at the Registration area.
2.5 In case of doubt, play a second ball:

  • If during play, a player is doubtful of his/her procedure, he/she may – without penalty – play a second ball.
    After the doubtful situation has risen and before taking further action, the player must announce to his/her marker
    or fellow competitor that he/she intends to play two balls and which ball he/she wishes to count if the rules permit.
    The competitor shall report the facts to the Committee before returning his/her scorecard.

All questions arising from the conduct of play shall be referred to the Rules Committee, whose decision is deemed final.


Deadline for pre-registration is April 15, 2019. See REGISTRATION PROCEDURE in Section 10 below.

3.1 Pre-registration period is up to April 15, 2019. Pre-registered participants shall be given priority
to allocated slots, based on the submission of registration forms and receipt of payment.

3.2 On tournament day, pre-registered players simply have to pick-up their Score Cards from their respective
Registration Tables.
3.3 Walk-ins will be entertained on a first-come, first-served basis and will be subject to availability of slots.
3.4 On-course Registration will open at 6:00 am.
3.5 Players must complete the registration procedure one (1) hour before their assigned course tee-times and
must be on-deck and ready to tee-off at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled shotgun start.
3.6 Upon confirmation of payment, Players may claim giveaway/raffle & lunch ticket. The Scorecard indicating the
Player’s name, school, course assignment and designated starting hole shall be issued at the school course desk.
All walk-in participants are required to accomplish & submit their registration forms at the UNHS Desk.
3.7 Any refund due to cancellation made on or before April 26 shall be subject to a 50% deduction from the entry fee and
the Player shall not be entitled to the tournament giveaway.
3.8 Cancellations two (2) days before the tournament date shall no longer have the benefit of any refund although the Player shall be entitled to the tournament giveaway.
3.9 Substitutions shall be allowed only if made on or before April 26 and if the Player being substituted is playing
at the same Course (Palmer or Nicklaus Course) as the original Player.

Note: There are only 144 slots allocated for each School. Register early because slots are on a first-paid, first-served basis.



4.1 Peferred flight pairings for pre-registered and paid participants may be requested on or before April 22 but not later.
4.2 The Pairings Sheet shall be posted at the registration area of the playing venue. Upon publication, all processed information
and data on entries and schedules shall be strictly applied and enforced.
4.3 Time of starting and groups (Rule 6-3 of R & A Rules Limited)

a. Time of starting – the player shall start at the time laid down by the Committee.

                      NOTE: If a player arrives at his starting point ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the
penalty for failure to start on time is two (2) strokes at the starting hole provided he completes this hole and
joins his flight prior to tee off on the succeeding hole.

                    Penalty for lateness beyond five (5) minutes is disqualification.

b. Flights: The competitor shall remain throughout the round in the flight assigned by the Committee unless
the Committee authorizes or ratifies a change. Penalty for breach of Rule 6-3 below: Disqualification

4.4 MAXIMUM STROKES PER HOLE: All players are required to pick up their ball after scoring double par to speed up play.



5.1 Participants shall be grouped according to Age Brackets, as reflected in the grid table below, plus a Ladies Division
and an Open Class. Birth year shall be the reference point to determine age ie. 2019 minus year of birth = Player’s age*.
5.2 The lowest Unified National Handicapping System (UNHS) handicap index for the months of JAN, FEBor MAR 2019 shall be used. Each Age Group shall have three (3) classes with the top 25% plus ties in the combined field
constituting Class A, the next 35% plus ties shall constitute Class B and the balance of 40% as Class C.
5.3 Each Age Bracket, as well as the Ladies and the Open Division, have a designated Course assigned, as reflected in the table below.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the Course assignments at any time when conditions so warrant.

Note: The Age Bracket, Classification, Course Assignment and designated Tees are presented in the Grid Table below.

35 yrs & below A/B/C PALMER White
36 to 45 yrs old A/B/C PALMER White
46 to 55 yrs old A/B/C PALMER White
56 to 65 yrs old A/B/C NICKLAUS White
66 yrs old & above A/B/C NICKLAUS White
Ladies 1 Category Only NICKLAUS Red
Open 1 Category Only PALMER White

*note: Player’s age is year 2019 less the Player’s year of birth.

5.4 The Tournament shall be played in two (2) Courses, namely the Palmer and Nicklaus Courses, as shown in the above table.
There shall be a maximum of 144 Players per School.



Note: Players can ask their Golf Club for their UNHS ID # and Handicap Index

The lowest handicap index for Jan., Feb., or Mar. 2019 provided by the UNHS shall be used.

6.1 All participants are advised to verify their submitted UNHS Handicap Indices with the UNHS desk.
6.2 The slope rating of Forest Hills’ Courses shall be used to convert all submitted Handicap Indexes.
6.3 Players with multiple club membership must declare their lowest UNHS handicap index in the Registration Form.
Failure to comply shall merit outright disqualification without the benefit of refund.
6.4 Handicap Committee composed of UNHS representatives shall determine the equivalent FOREST HILLS Course
Handicap based on the Player’s validated lowest UNHS Index for Jan., Feb., or Mar. 2019.
6.5 Overseas Alumni with no UNHS handicap must submit a verifiable handicap certificate or a valid handicap card
officially issued by their overseas home club or golf association
6.6 Maximum handicap for Men is 36 and 40 for Ladies.
6.7 All Players with no UNHS or any verifiable club-certified Handicap Index shall be classified under the Open Class.
Their scores shall be computed using the DOUBLE PEORIA System.


Point System

7.1 For purposes of determining which school shall win the Classic Cup, five (5) points each shall be awarded
to the Gross Champion and to the Net Champion of each Class. Three (3) points each shall be awarded to
the Gross Runner-Up and the Net Runner-Up of each Class. The school with the higher points total shall win the Classic Cup.

Note: A Player can win in only one category, either Gross or Net. In case a Player wins in both the Gross and the Net categories, the category with
the higher Points shall prevail. In case of equal points, the Gross shall have precedence over the Net, as determined by the Organizing Committee.

The school which garners 50% plus one or one hundred thirty-seven (137) points shall be declared the Winner of the Classic Cup.





1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
35 yrs & below 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 48 pts
36 to 45 yrs old 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 48 pts
46 to 55 yrs old 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 48 pts
56 to 65 yrs old 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 48 pts
66 yrs old & above 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 48 pts
Ladies 5 3 5 3 16 pts
Open 5 3 5 3 16 pts
272 pts


Cross-scoring must be followed at all times.

8.1 Only gross scores must be reflected on the official scorecards and using only ballpoint pens (not pencils).
8.2 Players must sign their scorecard after ensuring that their marker has also signed the scorecard attesting to the
correctness of the scores reflected therein.
8.3 Scorecards must be submitted within fifteen (15) minutes of holing-out. Otherwise, the Player’s score
shall not count for the tournament.

8.4 Alterations / erasures in scores must be initialed by the Player / Marker and must be cleared / clarified
upon submission. All scores not legibly written shall be subject to the Committee’s interpretation.
8.5 Players must personally submit their Scorecards. Caddies are not allowed to submit Scorecards for Players.
8.6 For the Net Score, six (6) under par is the maximum allowed for each Player.


Rules on Countback

9.1 FOR THE NET CATEGORY: Ties shall be broken in favor of the Player with the Lower Handicap.
a. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the back nine (Holes #10 to #18).
b. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the front nine (Holes #1 to #9).
c. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the last six (6) holes.
d. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the last three (3) holes.
e. If still tied, winner shall be determined by a Coin Toss.


9.2 FOR THE GROSS CATEGORY: Ties shall be broken in favor of the Player with the Higher Handicap.
a. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the back nine (Holes #10 to #18).
b. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the front nine (Holes #1 to #9).
c. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the last six (6) holes.
d. If still tied, winner shall be the Player with the better gross score in the last three (3) holes.
e. If still tied, winner shall be determined by a Coin Toss.


Php 4,000 for Pre-Registrants (on or before April 15, 2019), Php 5,000 for Walk-ins on April 29, 2019, PhP 2,500 for Students up to the College level with valid and current ID and for Forest Hills members.

10.1 The tournament fee includes the green fee, giveaway, shared golf cart plus buffet lunch and raffle stubs.
10.2 A mandatory pilligan fee of Php 300 payable at the Registration Table shall entitle the Player to two (2) pilligans
which may be used anytime and anywhere including the putting green.
10.3 The Caddie fee (minimum of PhP600) shall be on personal account basis.

Registration Procedure

A) You may register online at (Coming Soon) or get the mobile app for either android or iOS: “FilGolf Mobile” Fill up the accompanying Registration Form online or send by email or fax to your respective contact persons. On-line registration is preferred.

B) Upon receipt of your Registration Form, your school contact person shall inform you (via return email or fax) of the availability of your playing slot in your respective Division and Course, CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION and INSTRUCT YOU TO MAKE THE PAYMENT DEPOSIT at your school’s designated Bank Account.

C) Upon receipt of this confirmation, deposit your payment in your school’s designated bank account, detailed below.

D) Email or fax a copy of your Deposit Slip to your designated contact person who shall then confirm
your participation by return email or fax. THIS COMPLETES THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.

Ateneo participants may send their payment to the Ateneo Alumni Association, Inc. at Rm 203 John Pollock Renewal Center, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights or deposit to:


BRANCH: Acropolis


ACCT. NO.: Current account no. 00-053-000679-0

Kindly send a copy of the Deposit Slip via email to Ms. Eva Estrera at or copy furnish Maryann Suetos at


La Salle participants may send their payment to the Registration Centers below or deposit to:


BRANCH: Ortigas Taipan


ACCT. NO.: 007-631-05224-6

Kindly send a copy of the Deposit Slip via email or fax to Ms. Cathy Yuson at fax no. 637 5888 or email to

Registration Center:  De La Salle Alumni Association (DLSAA)

Address: G/F Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall, Taft Ave., Manila 1004

Telephone: +632.526.5612 ; +632.524.4611 loc 122 Fax: +632.524.0503

Contact Person: Cherry Rivera


Mobile: +63.927.897.6761


Medals shall be awarded to all Champions and Runner-ups in the Gross Categories.

      Trophies shall be awarded to all Champions and Runner-ups in the Net Categories.

11.1 A Hole-in-One Prize of _________ is at stake at all Par-3 Holes of the Palmer and Nicklaus Courses.
11.2 Special prizes await the winners of the Longest Drive & Most Accurate Drive at designated Holes in the Palmer & Nicklaus Courses.

11.3 A Player may only win once in the special fun games of the course played, although he may choose which prize to keep.

11.4 To qualify for the Hole-in-One prize or any of the special prizes like the Longest Drive or Most Accurate Drive, the original ball must be in play.


For sponsored Hole-in-One prizes, the following rules shall apply:

12.1 If there are 2 or more winners of the same prize (at stake in all courses) the winners shall divide the prize equally.

12.2. Any and all taxes required shall be for the account of the winner(s).


VENUE: BALLROOM (Registration for the awards ceremonies shall be open at 2:00pm).

13.1 The awards ceremonies shall start at 3:00pm. Door prizes will be available upon entry.

13.2 Buffet lunch will be served, accompanied with light entertainment.

13.3. Minor prize shall be drawn by the Player as he enters the Awards venue. Presence is required to win any raffle prize.


For any inquiries regarding the foregoing,

Ateneo participants may contact Maryann Suetos at +632.926.6046, +63927.390.7287 or email

La Salle participants may contact Cathy Yuson at +632-6370200 +639189200827 or email at, Cherry Rivera at +632.526.5612, +63905.550.7993 or

La Salle – Ateneo

Alumni Golf Classic

The organizing committee reserves the right to amend, vary, modify or add to any of the tournament rules and conditions.

All decisions made by the Committee shall be deemed final.

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